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 Soho Canvas JB3
Canvas upper
Front lace-up boots
Suede split-sole
 Soho leather JB2
Leather upper
Front lace-up boots
Suede split-sole
Acid W03M
Light weight flexible
Adriana BR50
Satin upper
8.5 cm (3 1/4’’) heel
Alcazar BR2127
Upper in mesh and microfiber
Microfiber sole
3.3 cm (1.3’’) heel
Alma BR17
Man-made leather
5.8 cm (2.25”) heel
Anemone BR2100
Upper in man-made leather
Microfiber sole
Snap closure
5.3 cm (2.1’’) heel
Ashley BR65
7.6 cm (3”) heel
Canadienne BR2017
Snap closure
5 cm (2’’) heel
Celebrita 600
Ultra light 3/4 shank, immediate fit
A true hand-stitched pointe shoe
Very flexible «throught-the-demi-pointes»
Champagne BR191
7.4 cm (3”) heel
Charlotte JS21
Leather upper - Slip-on
Neoprene arch and sides, EVA split-sole