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@Montreal 141L
Leather upper, full-sole
No drawstring
Airy Q13M
Mixed suede and mesh
Light rubber split-sole
Fleur-de-Lys 162L
Leather upper, split-sole
No drawstring
Jersey Boy JS971
Leather with mesh details
Front sole patch in suede
Back sole patch in EVA
Juli 23C
Canvas split-sole ballet slippers
No drawstring
Little Charlotte JS61
Slip-on shoe with side to side neoprene
EVA split sole
Marina BK56S
Satin upper - Suede sole
3 cm (1.2”)
Mazurka CS1
Canvas upper
Suede full sole with metal shank for support
Slanted heel, wrapped in canvas
Modette JS38
Slip-on with low side elastics
Suede split-sole
Oscar CM91L
Leather upper
Sporty Q22
Mixed suede and leather
Elastic and velcro enclosure
Light rubber split-sole
Star 14C
Canvas upper
Full sole