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Blanche  57AE011P
Romantic tutu without panties
2 layers of tulle
Carlotta DF004
Professional tutu trunk
9 layers of tulle
Degas DF003
Romantic tutu skirt
5 layers of tulle
Eloisa TF1003
Tutu top
Hook closing
Stretch satin
Filoua 57AE010
Tutu trunk without panties
with shiny sequins
4 layers of tulle
Flavia 57AE012
Tutu trunk without panties
4 layers of tulle
without shiny sequins
Odile TF1806
Stage tutu - 9 layers
Full front lining - Velvet
Paquita DF005
Semi-professional tutu trunk
7 layers of tulle
Rosabel TF1809
Stage tutu - 9 layers
Full front lining
Telma DF0701
Tutu trunk - 2 Layers
Soft mesh