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Arielle 68AE005
Short tutu dress
Full front lining
Arlene 68AE006
Dress with ruffle sleeves
with 2-layer skirt
Full front lining
Belina Y1712N
Short camisole tutu dress
Rhinestones decoration on leotard
3 layers
Nylon/lycra and mesh
Fabiola 68AG0009
Tutu dress with short sleeves
Full front lining
Flaurine 68AE007
Tutu dress with front and
back panels in lace
Full front lining
Fleur Y1810
Tutu dress with ruffle sleeves,
decorated at the waist
Full front lining
Lilas Y1603
Tank top dress in microfiber
with ruffle skirt in mesh
Full front lining
Sabrina TF1801
Fancy tutu
Shirley TF001
Tutu 5 layers
Camisole in lycra