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Paloma D0913P
Zip and elastic at waist
Paquita DF005
Semi-professional tutu trunk
7 layers of tulle
Reid L0406N
Sweat pants
Medium length
Fold-over waist
Revelation LE2570M
Cap sleeve leotard in meryl with subtle mesh
Rosabel TF1809
Stage tutu - 9 layers
Full front lining
Rosemary KC002
43 cm (17”) acrylic cotton ankle warmers
Sachiko L2526M
Sleeveless leotard in meryl - Oval back
One front seam and two back seams
Side ruching - Full front lining
Sahila LE3530M
Cap sleeve leotard in meryl
Saige KH2578M
Sleeveless leotard in meryl
Stretch lace back
Salsa D0815N
Medium length skirt
Nylon / Spandex
Seiko 50AG9093M
Sleeveless leotard in meryl
Details in lace at front and back